Meet Your Major Smile Team

Our team of dental professionals pride themselves on delivering top-notch care.

Dr. Charles Major

Meet Dr. Major, an Atlanta native and Chamblee High School alum. He earned a full scholarship to play football at The Citadel Military College in Charleston, SC, graduating with a BS in Biology. Always aspiring to be a doctor, his interest in dentistry grew during his time at The Citadel.

After gaining experience in a dental office post-college, Dr. Major pursued dentistry at The Medical College of Georgia. During dental school, he chaired the volunteer committee and actively participated in professional organizations. Driven by a commitment to community service, he dedicated time to oral surgery, endodontics, and prosthodontics.

With 800+ hours of continuing education, Dr. Major is dedicated to providing advanced care. He’s a member of ADA, AGD, and TDA. Outside dentistry, he enjoys family time, travel, and sports.

Our Front Office Staff

From managing your appointment to addressing any questions with care, we aim to ensure your experience is efficient and filled with kindness from the moment you arrive until you leave.


Co-Owner / COO

Meet Megan, the wanderlust dreamer on our team whose dream job is becoming an Instagram Travel Influencer exploring the world one adventure at a time.

If Megan were to grace the TED stage, her empowering topic would revolve around Female Empowerment in the Workplace, inspiring change and progress.

Adding a dash of sweetness to oral care, Megan would craft a toothpaste flavored like Vanilla Cake Batter because why not make brushing your teeth a delightful experience?

Dreaming big for Major Smiles, Megan envisions the esteemed Michelle Obama as the perfect celebrity endorsement – adding a touch of grace and empowerment to our vibrant dental team.


Patient Coordinator

Meet Lynna, whose aspirations go beyond dentistry into the realm of surgical technology. Her favorite smiles? The infectious grins of the Major’s kids.

In her TED Talk, Lynna delves into the challenges faced by those with chronic illnesses within the healthcare system, a topic close to her heart.

For a playful twist in oral care, Lynna would concoct a toothpaste flavored like pink Starburst, adding a delightful touch to dental hygiene.

Dreaming big for Major Smiles’ celebrity endorsements, Lynna envisions the dynamic pairing of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, infusing our dental team with a blend of musical charm and sports energy.


Insurance Coordinator

Introducing Emily, a cherished member of our team.

If Emily were to take the TED stage, her talk would focus on “Giving Grace to New Mamas,” offering insights and support to mothers navigating the beautiful yet challenging journey of parenthood.

Adding a spicy twist to oral care, Emily would whip up a toothpaste flavor like Cinnamon Mint, making each brush a refreshing experience.

Emily’s favorite dental joke? What award did the dentist win? A little plaque!

And for Major Smiles’ dream celebrity endorsement, Emily envisions none other than the iconic Dolly Parton, working 9 to 5 with a smile!

Your Hygiene

Schedule a visit with one of our fantastic hygienists. 

Our goal is to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout the process. After your visit, we hope you’ll leave with a refreshed smile and a sense of peace regarding your oral health.


Dental Hygienist

Meet Mandy! If she has a career beyond the dental chair… She’d be a Peloton Instructor!

Ask her about her favorite smile, and she’ll light up talking about Theo, her son. And guess what flavor toothpaste she’d create? Fruit roll-up, because dental care can be delicious too!

Want to catch her Ted Talk? It’s all about the Enneagram,

Oh, and if Major Smiles had a dream celebrity endorsement, it would be Jayson Tatum – Go Celtics!


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Meet Danielle, our dynamic team member with dreams beyond dentistry – her dream job? Becoming a veterinarian to care for furry smiles. When it comes to her favorite smile, it’s Halle Berry who captures her admiration.

Imagine Danielle giving a TED Talk – her chosen topic? Dental Assisting, blending humor and expertise. And if she could create a toothpaste flavor, it would be zesty Orange, adding a burst of freshness to oral care.

Kids always bring laughter to the dental office, and the funniest thing Danielle heard was a child saying, “I like this!” – embracing the dental experience with enthusiasm. Her go-to dental joke? “Bitestop” – a playful twist on dental terminology.

For Major Smiles’ dream celebrity endorsement, Danielle envisions none other than President Obama, adding a touch of presidential charm to our dental world.


Dental Assistant

Say hello to Kabria, a valued member of our team whose ambitions reach beyond the dental office – her dream job? A lawyer, advocating and standing up for others. Her most cherished smile is that of her daughter, bringing joy to her every day.

If Kabria were to give a TED Talk, she’d inspire us all with a message about not taking life too seriously, adding a touch of light-hearted wisdom. And in a Kabria-style twist, she’d invent a Marshmallow-flavored toothpaste, because who says dental care can’t be fun and sweet?

The funniest thing she’s experienced at the dental office? It’s the unexpected moments of silence from our littlest patients, often filled with curious and amusing expressions. Her favorite dental joke? “Dentists have ‘fillings’ too” – a playful reminder that dentists are people too!

And if she could choose anyone for Major Smiles’ celebrity endorsement, it would be Beyoncé, bringing a dose of star-studded glamour and power to our dental world.

Our Dental Assistants​

Our aim is to make sure you feel comfortable and cared for during your visit. We want you to walk out with a renewed smile and a sense of confidence in your oral health.